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Underground Utility Mapping Malaysia

Collaboration is the most important role for our company. We are always interested in partnerships that allow both parties to grow and benefit together that’s in line with our goals and objectives. There are many ways for us to work together and we make it into 2 groups, namely Corporate Circle and Partner Circle.

Corporate Circle


We seek long-term business relationships among experts, professionals, consultants, utility operators & provider and many more that are directly or indirectly related in the utility industry.

Together we build a country to be a better place and to be a competitive and developed country.

Partner Circle

A Brief Guide to Successful Closeout of

We are looking for partners in the same industry consisting of charted survey firm, SMEs and freelance.


We do not view competition as something we need to focus on but cooperation makes us stronger.

Our struggle is to help each other and celebrate success together.

"We believe to grow fast go alone, but to grow far go together"

- Sr Samsul Farhan, Founder

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Be our circle now!

To be part of GDS Circle, please send a interest letter together with your C.V. or Company Profile to our Leadership Team at 


We excited to here from you soon.

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