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GDS About Us

About Us

GDS Vision


Provide peace of mind to every project* in the world.

(*If your project involves construction and land development, that’s the project)

GDS Mission


  1. To be a leading and trusted underground utility mapping provider in Malaysia and Internationally.

  2. To providing solutions that achieve zero harm to utilities, people and the environment through innovation and technologies.

  3. To help utility stakeholders achieve their vision and goals.

  4. To create more underground utility mapping experts through training and education.

  5. To be the employer of choice.

GDS Shared Values


We value our team members by giving them all the information and tools to achieve their work and personal goals. Not limited to that, we want to take care of and build up our team members so they can unlock their most full capabilities and strengths.


We empower each other to take full responsibilities, self-belonging, and ownership of our actions regarding they are positive or negative.


We believe in providing the best service; we must put ourselves in our stakeholder’s shoes and improvise what is the best as an owner of the service.


We want to build solutions that they love and deliver beyond their expectations despite looking for opportunities or room for improvements.




We believe in always knowing new knowledge to improve the organization and self continuously. We welcome new ideas and opinions, especially if they challenge our beliefs.


We actively listen with humility and respect. Team members must let go of their curiosity by asking questions. “You never ask. You will be left behind.” 

We want to build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships within the team members, which they must earn through open communication. We believe that being transparent in touch with each other could break our limit to grow better and faster. Relationships deliver results because we can’t perform our services without each other.


We are relying on each other to find solutions. We should be your harshest critics, your most significant challenges, and your loudest supporters.

GDS Story


Underground Utility Mapping Malaysia

Leading quality underground utility mapping service in Malaysia

GDS Story logo

Starting from a home office and moving to Bangi Sentral rented 290 square feet of office space and a year later rented an entire 1,400 square foot in the same unit. Now we moved to a new, more spacious office in Bangi Ostia with an area of ​​3,000 square feet near Jakel Bangi.

GDS HQ - Utility Mapping Company

GDS grew because our founders never stopped learning and always tried new things. He has several well -known mentors in Malaysia who provide advice in terms of leadership, business and management.

The development of GDS is none other than the contribution of all our loyal customers who have always supported us since GDS was small.

GDS was established in 2014 founded by Sr. Samsul Farhan Samsuddin and incorporated as Global Detection Solution Sdn Bhd in 2017 which is a wholly owned Malaysian company registered.

Previously, he was the Assistant Operation Manager at Jurukur Perunding Services Sdn Bhd (JP Survey) a leading Malaysian Charted Survey Firm. He joined JP Survey on June 2008. He responsible for the managing, planning and supervision of Underground Utility Mapping projects for the Underground Utility Detection Divison. 


On 30 Mei 2014, he quit his job and continued his career as a freelancer for 6 months. After that he decided to get more serious by opening an Enterprice on 3 November 2014 that focused on underground utility mapping only.

Almost 2 years he did everything from sales, operations (Site and drafting), meetings, finance and managed the business alone, finally he grew again by setting up a Sdn Bhd company on 16 Februari 2017 and started hiring team.

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